A How-To-Use Guide

How to burn Arabian bakhoor

  1. First, you light the charcoal tab with a lighter or match (make sure to do so on a fire-proof surface). 
  2. Once the charcoal is fully lit, it will glow red and will be covered in a grey soot. Blow on it from a distance to ensure it glows red.
  3. Use a pair of tongs to place the tab in a traditional bakhoor or  incense burner, and carefully sprinkle some bakhoor on top of the tab.
  4. At the beginning, use just a few pinches of the bakhoor. Gauge the strength of the aroma and then if necessary, add more bakhoor on the coal.
  5. The heat of the charcoal tab will help release the exotic, aromatic and rich fragrances of the bakhoor.

How to light Oud (incense) sticks

  1. Light the Oud stick using a matchstick, lighter or torch light.

  2. Blow out the flame once lit.

  3. Place the Oud Stick on the glass tray provided in the box.

  4. If you wish to extinguish the Oud Stick, turn the stick around and place the lit side into the hole. It will automatically go off.

How to apply attar perfume oils

  1. Dab the attar perfume using the applicator stick onto your inner wrist and lightly rub the palms together.
  2. You can also apply the perfume to your clothes by striking the palms over the fabric. In doing this, you prevent soiling clothes and ensure that the perfume oil spreads evenly over a large part of the clothes. 
  3. You can also apply attar perfume behind your earlobes, jawline, hair tips or into the tips of your beard.
  4. Don't be tempted to apply more, but instead, wait for a short time. Perfume oils get stronger as they warm depending on your skin temperature.

Health and Safety Disclaimer

All our products are 100% non-alcoholic. 

Please keep all perfume oils and fragrance products out of any child's reach. If you are pregnant, nursing a baby, have heart disease, epilepsy or any other medical condition that can be affected by essential oils or fragrances, please seek the advice of a medical health professional before use.

Our perfumes and skincare products are safe to use and customers from all over the world enjoy them, however if you have an existing skin condition where your skin tends to react to essential oils or fragrances, then we recommend for you to avoid usage. Always do a skin test before hand, by applying a small amount - less than a drop - on to your skin. Do not use if redness or irritation occurs. In case of a skin rash or itching, stop using the product immediately and wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Keep them products away from your eyes and mouth. Our products are not for consumption.

No liability will be assumed by Oura Scents, Hamidi or its employees or any affiliates for any claims arising out of the use or misuse of these perfume oils, bakhoor and personal care products.

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Are your products alcohol-free?

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