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Velvet Oud Sticks Refill

Velvet Oud Sticks Refill

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If you have purchased Velvet Oud before, you can now buy the refill sticks without having to purchase the complete set! Additionally, if you are gifting the Velvet Oud Sticks to someone and you don't want them to run out, you can add the refill on to your order.

These Velvet Oud Sticks have warm spicy notes that give it an earthy finish, making it an ideal fit for those who are new to the world of Oud.

Our Oud sticks are easy to use and extinguish. Click here to find out how to burn it.

Top Notes: Powdery, Fruity

Middle Notes: Woody, Floral

Base Notes: Warm, Spicy

Each refill box includes 10 Oud sticks.


For your safety, please read our disclaimer.

  • Non-alcoholic fragrance
  • Unisex
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