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Ayam Al Tayyebeen Oud Sticks

Ayam Al Tayyebeen Oud Sticks

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Perfect to clear your mind, our Ayam Al Tayybeen Oud sticks are made of soft tones of amber and balsam, infused with smoky notes. The name Ayam Al Tayyebeen loosely translates to mean 'good old days', and we couldn't agree more!

Our Oud sticks are easy to use and extinguish. Click here to find out how to burn it.

Top Notes: Amber

Middle Notes: Balsamic

Base Notes: Smoky

Each box includes 10 Oud sticks, a crystal glass holder and an instruction manual.


For your safety, please read our disclaimer.

  • Non-alcoholic fragrance
  • Unisex
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